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Calhoun and Mateer (2012) identify videos as an exciting way to engage students. The Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative provides valuable advice for the presentation of videos in the classroom.


Multiple videos are available for illustrating economics concepts. Some aim at directly illustrating concepts such as Murray and Nunley (2018) -ósito et al. (2020) show evidence about the benefits of using instructional videos.


Besides, a growing base of the literature suggests using videos from various TV sources to illustrate economic concepts. A very diverse collection of videos is the Economics Media Library presented in Wooten (2018) Other more focused resources are available such as the following. 

While longer videos may have more depth than shorter videos, they are at risk of reduced student engagement. Wooten (2020) provides technical solutions to better integrate longer videos, as it proposes to break longer videos into smaller segments to facilitate content integration and classroom discussion.


Clips from popular movies

Carrasco-Gallego (2017)Leet and Houser (2003); Mateer and Stephenson (2011); Sexton (2006); Vidal et al. (2020)

Clips from Animation Movies

Mandzik (2022)Mateer et al. (2021)

Clips from ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Geerling et al. (2018)Tierney et al. (2016) -

Clips from 'Breaking Bad'

Duncan et al. (2020)Muchiri et al. (2021)

Clips from ‘Cowboy Bebop’

Ben Abdesslem and Picault (2023)

Clips from ‘Joy

Dalton and Logan (2020)

Clips from ‘Lord of the Flies

Leung and Nakagawa (2021)

Clips from ‘Mad Max: Fury Roa

Mateer and Vachris (2017)

Clips from ‘Modern Family’

Wooten et al. (2020) 

Clips from ‘Moneyball’

Wooten and White (2021)

Clips from ‘Netflix Series’

Ben Abdesslem and Picault (2023)

Clips from ‘The Office’

Kuester et al. (2014); Kuester and Mateer (2018)

Clips from ‘Park and Recreation’

Conaway and Clark (2015)Wooten and Staub (2019)

Wooten (2021)

Clips from ‘Seinfeld’

Ghent et al. (2011)

Clips from ‘The Simpsons’

Luccasen and Thomas (2010)

Clips from ‘Star Wars’

Rousu et al. (2022)

Clips from ‘Squid Game’

Geerling et al. (2023); Wooten and Geerling (2023) -

Clips from ‘Superstore’

Wooten and Lynch (2022a); Wooten and Lynch (2022b)

Clips from 'The Wire'

Cherrier (2016) - Article in French; English version available on the blog of the author 

Clips from various TV shows and other media sources

Mateer et al. (2011) -; Wooten (2018) and Wooten (2021)


Sports Clips from ESPN 30 for 30

Al‐Bahrani and Patel (2015); Al‐Bahrani and Patel (2022)Crisp and Mixon Jr. (2012)

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