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Media Creation

Media created by students allows students to think about economic concepts and their applications in their own lives. Typically, these exercises require a deeper understanding of economic concepts as students must reuse them and relate them to the world they interact with. In addition, students utilize readily accessible technology tools to complete these projects.

Music Videos

Rockonomix (Holder et al., 2015) and Econ Beats (Al-Bahrani et al., 2017; Al-Bahrani and Thompson, 2019) - propose students to rewrite the lyrics of a song of their choice and record their own version of the music video. The lyrics must relate to economic or personal finance concepts. The websites host all the details required for the assignments.

Music for Econ

Geerling et al. (2019) discuses a student group project for which students must create a lyric animation of a song with substantial economic content. The paper provides the necessary resources to implement and customize this group project, as well as an end-of-project survey. Beyond the practical learning of economics concepts, authors report that this exercise "can be used to demonstrate the everyday application of economics and help unlock student creativity".


Al-Bahrani et al. (2016) present an assignment for which students are required to take a picture of themselves that also exemplifies an economic concept. Along with the picture, students must write a piece explaining the link between the picture and the concept.

Video Scrapbooking

Al-Bahrani et al. (2016) describe an assignment for which students create a video picturing some economic concepts. The video should include various images, articles, and photographs while playing audio clips of music, sound bites, or voice recordings. Along with the video, students must write a piece explaining the link between the video and the concepts. This method can be a complement to ECONSelfie as ECONSelfies could be used in the videos.


Moryl (2016) introduces an assignment for which students produce their own podcasts on economics topics. A typical podcast is of less than 10 minutes and is realized in groups of three to four students. Students must also choose a specific target audience and make sure the podcast is at the right level of jargon and complexities. 

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