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Case Studies

Case Studies are largely used in other fields such as management and law but are not very common in economics instruction. The use of case studies in economics is pertinent to provide stronger real-world grounds for the theory we present to students. Marks and Rukstad (1996), Ray (2018)Velenchik (1995), and Volpe (2015) describes how case studies can be used in economics teaching. Carlson and Schodt (1995) report positive impacts on students' engagement and learning.

Below is a list of case studies that you can use with your students in the classroom.


American Airlines and US Airways - Sipic and Carbaugh (2014)

United Airlines and Continental Airlines - Carbaugh and Ghosh (2010)

Staples and Office Depot - Carbaugh and Sipic (2017)


Airport Noise Pollution - Ray (2018)

Food Security

Food Desert Syndrome - Ray (2018)

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