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Press Articles

Press articles are probably the most common illustration tool used by Economics Instructors.


However, Kelley (1983) and Wood (1985) identified two limitations with the use of press articles:

  • Just asking students to read the articles is not effective;

  • There are shortcomings in news coverage of economics.

To alleviate these problems, they recommend:

  1. Create “your own newspaper”- select four or five articles every week in which the instructor underlines key economics terms.

  2. Educating students about these shortcomings.

Ahlstrom (2021) describes an implementation strategy using Clicker questions for efficient introduction of press articles in an introductory economics course. Andrews (2021)Ruder (2021), and Schneider (2021) give examples of assignments that can be created based on press articles. Moryl (2021) presents a complete economics course based on articles from The Economist.

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