Real GDP Index

Dowell and Duncan (2016) present a student project inviting students to create a Real GDP index the social media Periscope.


For this project, each group of students is assigned a country and must chat on periscope with multiple people from that country

Students ask broadcasters from the assigned country questions about their living standards. 
An example of a question is: ‘Could you tell me if you have a washing machine in your house?'
If the broadcaster answer yes, it is assigned a value of 1. If the answer is no, it is assigned a value of 0.


Using the answers to multiple questions by multiple people, an index value is assigned to the assigned country.

Each group provides an index value for a different country, and the instructor can aggregate the data to create the index.

The Economics Instructor's Toolbox

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The Economics Instructor's Toolbox was originally published in International Review of Economics Education

Picault, J. (2019), The Economics Instructor’s Toolbox, International Review of Economics Education 30,100154.