Music is recommended by a variety of instructors to illustrate economics concepts. Some propose to study the lyrics, while others focus on playing music during the lectures. Using music facilitates cognitive engagement
from students and ameliorates the connection to the real-life applications of the economic concepts presented. 

Essay projects and reference list relating song lyrics to introductory economics concepts

Hall, et al. (2008) - Various genres

Krasnozhon (2013) - Beyoncé

Lawson, et al. (2008) - Various genres (Country, Rock, and Rap)

Melichar (2018) - Country

O’Roark, et al. (2018) - Various genres
Tinari & Khandke (2000) - Various genres (RnB, and Musicals)
Rousu (2016) - Musicals

Rousu (2018) - Musicals

Rousu & Conrad (2017) - Musicals

Rousu, et al. (2021) - Various genres

Van Horn & Van Horn (2013) - Various genres

Wooten, et al. (2021) - K-pop