Confusions in Textbooks

Some instructors have reported in the economics education literature that some important concepts are not always explained properly or that some confusions exist in textbooks.

Government’s Role

Eyzaguirre et al. (2019) describe typical shortcomings about the role of governments in principles textbooks.

Gross Domestic Product

Wolla (2018) describes the confusions that exist in the presentation of the gross domestic product (GDP) expenditures approach

Invisible Hand

Dupont and Durham (2020) remind that the invisible hand must be placed in a historical context to make sense. They provide material to approach Adam Smith's invisible hand in the classroom, including experiments.

Substitution and Income Effects

Picault (2016) describes the confusions that exist in the presentation of substitution and income effects

The Economics Instructor's Toolbox

Enhance Your Students Learning Experience

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The Economics Instructor's Toolbox was originally published in International Review of Economics Education

Picault, J. (2019), The Economics Instructor’s Toolbox, International Review of Economics Education 30,100154.