Engaging students in the classroom, especially those with large enrollment, is challenging. Some instructors are using clickers in the classroom to increase student engagement with the material while being in class. The Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative and Starting Point published various resources for implementing clickers in the classroom.


Elliot (2003) and Salemi (2009) discuss implementation strategies and the costs and benefits of adopting a clicker system. there is no clear consensus about the effectiveness of using clickers. (Hayter and Rochelle, 2014; Johnson and Robson, 2008McDaniel Mohr, 2013Salemi, 2009). Interestingly, Anderson et al. (2018) find that clickers benefit poorly performing students on more challenging quantitative courses. 


With technology advancing, students can also use their personal devices in the same way they handle a clicker (cell phones, tablets, or laptops). Imazeki (2014) discusses this trend, including pros and cons, and how to implement such a strategy.

The Economics Instructor's Toolbox

Enhance Your Students Learning Experience

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The Economics Instructor's Toolbox was originally published in International Review of Economics Education

Picault, J. (2019), The Economics Instructor’s Toolbox, International Review of Economics Education 30,100154.